About Us

Essence of ASE Products & Services is a brand that was created by divine inspiration. This coupled with a need for self-healing merged together and created a dynamic elixir molded with intention and infused with love aimed at creating specific positive health outcomes. With its primary product being scented candles, Essence of ASE has emerged as one of the fastest growing and trendy lines of personal upliftment products in the Brooklyn area. On its current trajectory, the line is poised to become a national brand in record setting time. Camille Gordon Fanfair is the brain-child behind the Bedford-Stuyvesant based company and serves as its President/CEO and principal product specialist.

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Brand History

The brand was created three years ago after Camille -- an individual diagnosed with lupus -- experienced one of the most extreme flare ups in her 13 year battle with the autoimmune disease which affects five million people worldwide. In the midst of that flare-up she recognized the beneficial effects of particular scents in her immediate environment. This inspired the thought: why not create a product in which these scents can be intentionally infused. That initial product was a scented candle which gave her a heightened positive mood, enhanced relaxation and wellness. Subsequently other people, enticed by the aroma of the candles started submitting requests. With the word-of-mouth popularity of the candles gaining lightening momentum, Camille put more focused attention on developing products for sale. Camille stepped out of her comfort zone thus giving birth to Essence of ASE! ASE, is a concept of manifesting through intention and voice derived from the Yoruba culture.  It is ASE that enables us to manifest our desire through setting clear intentions and then speaking it into existence. Thus, Camille used her own Ase and created a total of 65 products which now include body scrubs, Aromatherapy oils, Incenses and aura sprays. Camille also provides expert crystal reiki therapy and facilitates wellness workshops.

Our Vision

To create high-quality products and services to enrich Mind, Body, and Soul (Spirit) for overall holistic wellness (Wellbeing).

Mission Statement

To spread the knowledge of holistic wellness globally through promoting products and services that teach individuals how to tap into their innate abilities to heal through using natural techniques.

Crystal Reiki Therapy by Essence of ASÉ

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