Alignment Graduates Monthly Reiki Subscription

Alignment Graduates Monthly Reiki Subscription

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Dear Alignment Graduates,

Congratulations on completing your alignment journey! We're thrilled to offer you an exclusive Monthly Reiki Subscription designed to support your ongoing well-being and alignment. This subscription provides you with regular access to the transformative healing energy of Reiki, personalized check-ins, and engaging Zoom calls to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

What's Included:

  1. Monthly Reiki Sessions: Experience the gentle yet powerful healing energy of Reiki with a monthly session tailored to your unique needs. Reiki promotes relaxation, balance, and spiritual growth, helping you maintain alignment with your highest self.
  2. Personalized Check-ins: Stay connected with personalized check-in sessions with our experienced Reiki practitioners. These sessions offer you the opportunity to discuss your progress, address any challenges, and receive guidance and support to help you stay aligned with your goals.
  3. Engaging Zoom Calls: Join our monthly Zoom calls for interactive discussions, workshops, and community connections. Led by knowledgeable facilitators, these calls provide valuable insights, inspiration, and opportunities to connect with fellow Alignment Graduates.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up: Enroll in our Monthly Reiki Subscription to gain access to exclusive benefits and resources.

2. Schedule Your Reiki Sessions: Book your monthly Reiki sessions at your convenience,
choosing from a variety of available times and practitioners.

3. Attend Check-in Sessions: Participate in personalized check-in sessions with our Reiki
practitioners to receive support, guidance, and encouragement on your alignment journey.
4. Join Zoom Calls: Mark your calendar for our monthly Zoom calls, where you can engage in discussions, workshops, and community connections with fellow Alignment Graduates.


  • Holistic Healing: Experience the transformative healing energy of Reiki, promoting balance and well-being on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  • **Personalized Support:** Receive personalized guidance and support from our experienced Reiki practitioners to help you stay aligned with your goals and intentions.
  • Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships within our supportive community of Alignment Graduates.

Join Us:

Are you ready to continue your alignment journey and invest in your well-being? Sign up for our Monthly Reiki Subscription today and experience the ongoing support, connection, and growth that awaits you as a valued member of our community. Together, let's continue to align with our highest selves and create lives filled with balance, harmony, and fulfillment.

Note: This subscription service is exclusively available to Alignment graduates. If you have not yet completed the Alignment program, please contact us for more information on how to enroll.

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