Welcome to Essence of Asé

Essence of ASÉ Products & Services is a brand that was created by divine inspiration. This coupled with a need for self-healing merged together and created a dynamic elixir molded with intention and infused with love aimed at creating specific positive health outcomes. We offer high-quality products and services to enrich Mind, Body, and Soul for overall holistic wellness.

What our customers say...

Amazing! Everything I wanted and so much more. The candles smell better than any candles I have owned. The dried flowers are gorgeous when melted. Thank you. 💗

Solana H.

Love my new crystals, I actually have been sleeping better at night since receiving them and putting them on my nightstand

Erika B.

I’m thrilled to have found you! Your oils and candles are spot on and just what this girl needs! The crystals included are powerful, they make my daily life a lot easier! Love and peace to you!

Cyndi H.

I love how brightly this burns the way the subtle scent of it tickles the senses. Quite soothing. I'll definitely buy one again in the future.

Nantale M.