Monthly Candle Subscription

Luxury delivered to your doorstep! Because you deserve relaxing me-time - whether you take a mid-day break to recharge or you treat yourself with a home spa experience at the end of the day.Essence of ASE offers a collection of beautiful scented candles specially made for you. Our hand-poured candles are intentionally created with the utmost care and designed to offer a sweet escape that melts the stress of the day away.

What You Get

* Premium Quality Candles- Our candles are made with only the highest quality ingredients for a luxurious feel like no other. 

*Curated For Your Taste- Every box you receive is carefully handpicked to suit your individual preferences, sent with a theme note perfect for the season.

*New Tantalizing Scents- Infuse your home with natural fragrances that calm the mind and soothe the soul when you ignite these beautifully crafted candles, made with love. Order your Essence of ASE Monthly Subscription Box today and experience luxury delivered in a box.

- Personalized candle
- A theme note
- An affirmation 
- A gift.