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Aura treated chevron amethyst tower

Aura treated chevron amethyst tower

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This tower’s healing powers are as varied as the colors reflected in its beautiful iridescent rainbows!

Aura-treated Chevron Amethyst represents the beauty and possibilities achievable when human and nature harmonize. It is created through the technique of electrostatic bonding, which fuses the Amethyst with another mineral like Titanium or Platinum creating a luminescent shimmer.

Chevron Amethyst is made from a combination of Amethyst and Clear Quartz, thus taking on the properties of both its elements.  An incredible amplifier for working with the higher chakras, it purifies, balances the mind and strengthens intuition to provide clear spiritual direction.

Each crystal is one of a kind due to its formation in nature. Color, shape and size will vary slightly, making each crystal unique

Dimensions: Approximately 2.5" in height

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