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Clarity Spray

Clarity Spray

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Our Clarity Smudging Spray is the perfect solution for creating an environment filled with tranquility and serenity. No need to bother your self with smoked filled rooms and messy ashes. Made with the essential oils Lemongrass, Basil, sandalwood, anise, juniper berry, our spray contains all the right ingredients that are known for their ability to cleanse, nurture and heighten one’s consciousness. With just a light misting, you can turn any room into the ideal setting to work settle yourself into a state of meditation, contemplation and spirituality. Whether you wish to meditate, practice yoga, journal or simply wish to cleanse the atmosphere of negativity, Sacred Space Spray can help you deepen your experience and help produce an atmosphere free of unwanted energies. It’s also perfect for those in the healing arts and can certainly be used as a means to calm the nerves when anxious or upset. Simply spray some in a special place where you can take a few moments away from a hectic day.

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(1) Clarity Spray

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