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Divine Full Moon kit

Divine Full Moon kit

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Ritual kit- candle and spray
Spray only

Introducing our Essence of ASÉ New Ritual Kit, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Edition! 🌕✨ Immerse yourself in the celestial magic of a lunar eclipse under the radiant full moon with our enchanting candle and moon spray.

🕯️Divine Full Moon Candle (Lunar Eclipse edition)with Peach Moonstone:

Ignite this ethereal candle to harness the power of the lunar eclipse amidst the radiant full moon. Embedded within is a radiant Peach Moonstone, a gem that enhances intuition and emotional balance. The candle is thoughtfully infused with the captivating scents of Geranium, Hibiscus, and Vetiver, creating a harmonious ambiance for your eclipse rituals.

Full Moon Spray with Lavender, Geranium, and Lavender, enhanced by Epidote, Opal, and Rutilated Quartz:

Our celestial moon spray carries the essence of the lunar eclipse's transformative energy during the full moon's brilliance. With the calming notes of Lavender and Geranium, it paves the way for emotional release and renewal. Inside, you'll discover the mystical trio of Epidote, Opal, and Rutilated Quartz, which amplify your intentions and resonate with the eclipse's profound energy.

Harness the profound energy of the full moon during a lunar eclipse with our Ritual Kit and let it guide you on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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