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Onyx embraces the process of becoming the best version of you. It instills a belief in which only you know what aligns true with your higher self and can make the conscious choice for determining your future. Entrusting your intuition and inherent wisdom, it teaches you to stop seeking out the opinions of others and look within for the answers.

A talisman for protection, Onyx forms a shield to guard against negative thought-forms and destructive patterns. Centering your energy in connection with the Earth, it provides a safe space for inner healing and shadow work. Transcending fear, unprocessed grief, and emotional trauma, Onyx cultivates the inner strength required to encounter and process your pain.

Replenishing energy levels in demanding and stressful situations, Onyx restores vitality when recovering from illness and depleted mental capacities. It inspires discipline, dedication, focus, and perseverance - all qualities for honouring a commitment to never-ending self-improvement. Integrating every part of your being in harmony with the Universe, Onyx directs your energy into a positive force for materializing the vision of your perfect life.

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