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Selenite heart bowl

Selenite heart bowl

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These exquisite heart-shaped bowls carved from Selenite are exceptional additions to any altar. Not only do they serve as beautiful displays for your collection of crystals, but they also have the unique ability to cleanse and charge the energy of your crystals. Selenite, unlike other crystals, does not require charging. Instead, it acts as an amplifier for the energy of other crystals placed upon it, making it ideal for revitalizing and recharging your jewelry and other healing stones. As a gentle and fragile gemstone, Selenite promotes tranquility and spiritual growth. Its pure, high vibrational energy resembles the brilliance of white light, enabling it to purify, cleanse, and align you with your highest potential.

These heart bowls are approximately 4" x 4" x 1" in size and will be intuitively picked for you. Please note that the other items featured in the pictures are not included.

Kindly be aware that these bowls are crafted and hand-polished from premium Selenite, resulting in slight variations in dimensions. Selenite is a natural material, and the presence of mineral deposits, colored sections, dots, or varying crystalline structures, which may appear as imperfections, enhances the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. Given that Selenite is a delicate stone, please handle with care and keep it dry when placing objects inside.

Please note that due to differences in computer monitor settings and the nature of the canvas material, the colors on the screen may slightly differ from the actual product. Additionally, these items are handmade, so the placement of the graphics may vary.
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