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Clearing and protection bundle set.

Clearing and protection bundle set.

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Reset the energy in your life and welcome positivity into your space with the Clearing and Protection Bundle set. This powerful trio of tools is carefully selected to help you cleanse, protect, and rejuvenate your surroundings.

The bundle includes a White Sage smudge stick, measuring 4 inches, which has been used for centuries in spiritual rituals for its cleansing properties. Burning the White Sage releases its aromatic smoke, allowing you to smudge your home, objects, or yourself, and rid them of negative energy or unwanted spirits.

The set also features a Selenite Stick, measuring 4 inches, known as the "liquid light" crystal. Selenite is highly versatile and is renowned for its energy cleansing properties. Use it during meditation, healing sessions, or simply carry it with you to clear blocked energy, access your intuition, and elevate your spirit. By waving the Selenite stick around your body, you can cleanse your aura and recharge your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

Completing the trio is a Palo Santo Stick, measuring 3-4 inches, which adds a delightful and soothing aroma to your clearing rituals. Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood," is traditionally used in spiritual practices to cleanse and purify spaces, as well as enhance meditation and relaxation.

Embrace the power of these sacred tools to create a harmonious and positive environment, inviting renewed energy and clarity into your life.

Note: It's important to use these tools with respect and intention, following appropriate safety guidelines for burning and smudging.
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